Our Pricing

We at Eklinic offer affordable pricing packages to all of our worthy customers.

Basic Package

One time appointment and consultation with our expert

1-day therapy session

Schedule Visits

Silver Package

Detailed examination and prescription until the need

7-days therapy session

Schedule visits

Premium Package

Long term consultancy with field expert team

Therapy session till need

Instant plus schedule visits

Urgent Care

Sometimes you need care when you are sick. At this moment, only the right choice can help you get rid of the disease. Our experts treat skin conditions, women's problems, cold & flu, men's health, allergies, and all type of headaches. Don't waste time avail right appointment.

Chronic Care

To stay healthy and active, you have to focus on your chronic health conditions. We are making this easy by providing you one-click health care consultancy. Do not ignore your blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol level, diabetes, and body weight.

Behavioral Health

We aim to help families, individuals, and communities with our expert mental therapy specialist. We offer both talk and medication therapy through our different background therapists.


Are you a doctor?

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