Health Plans

Offering Eklinic as part of a benefits package improves health plan performance, stimulates growth and reduces costs.


The cost of healthcare continues to rise and the insurance industry is changing as new healthcare laws take effect. Eklinic offers health plans a strategy for improvement and growth during this transition while providing convenience, cost savings and peace of mind to your customers.

Improved Performance

  • Provide immediate access to care. Average call-back time is 9 minutes.
  • Take advantage of integrated health management through secure Eklinic Vault Personal Health Records.
  • Improve access to care for underinsured, uninsured, remote and immobile members.
  • Use our advanced platform to get closer to consumers and extend existing programs and services focused on better health and wellness.

Cost Reduction and Growth

  • Eklinic is a low cost alternative to $100 doctor visits, $150 urgent care visits, and $750 ER visits.
  • Shift appropriate encounters to the lowest-cost settings and provide a foundation for accountable care and improved remote monitoring of at-risk patients.
  • Increase revenue by reducing claims costs and removing geographical boundaries in reaching new patients.