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Telehealth—web and mobile technology and services for high-quality, real-time video encounters between patients and providers—is a powerful tool that can help government agencies expand patient access, improve care quality, and reduce cost.

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Banish geographical barriers to health

Federal agencies are in need of innovative partners to help overcome the challenges of healthcare's modern-day landscape. Eklinic has architected a secure telehealth solution that can extend the reach of physicians, improve patient access to care, and decrease healthcare costs.

Eklinic offers both a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution as well as a fully-integrated suite of telehealth products that will meet the needs and requirements for effective, secure healthcare delivery to government agencies.

Beyond the federal space, American Well technology has multiple possibilities for implementation, including prison systems, universities, and state and local governments.

Access Points
Telephone Smartphone
Website Kiosk
Secure Infrastructure
Compliant with the NIST 800-53 Federal Security Standard HIPAA compliant
Client-specific encryption PCI Compliant
Enterprise hosted on our servers or yours Never experienced a data breach

Leading-edge innovative technology

Our proprietary solution matches and connects patients with healthcare providers for live, immediate, and clinically meaningful online encounters using standard everyday devices including laptops, iOS and Android mobile devices, and even landline phones. The system utilizes two-way, high-resolution video and audio streams, secure text chat, and digital telephone service to deliver an intimate, informed, clinically effective, real-time encounter.

Video and phone connection

Patients call a toll-free phone number and a specially trained representative will connect them with the provider of their choice, either by phone or video. If a patient chooses to connect using only a phone, the physician is still using the American Well platform. This ensures that during the visit, the physician will have full access to a patient's health summary and will take detailed clinical notes.

Integrated kiosk technology

Eklinic has created a full range of telehealth kiosks with integrated diagnostic devices that are all tied to the same immediate service network. All kiosks include integrated diagnostic devices, ID readers, and a simple, touchscreen experience for the patient. Kiosks can be placed in remote locations to ensure access to care.

Telemed Tablet

Providers no longer need to travel between exam rooms or install expensive equipment to conduct peer-to-peer consultations. The Telemed Tablet offers the full functionality required to broker live, on-demand encounters between all providers, including specialists, in your enterprise. A search triggered using the Telemed Tablet can ping any provider, no matter where in the world they are located.

How can you use telehealth?

Federal agencies can utilize telehealth services using a variety of provider types, including primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, care and disease managers, pharmacists, wellness coaches, behavioral therapists, and others. In addition, we've worked with our partners to create specific, meaningful use cases to integrate telehealth into their priorities, programs, and initiatives.

workflows currently available
Urgent care Home health and chronic care management
Readmission reduction Instant clinical consults by a specialists
After-hours services Outreach to rural areas

Proven, trusted expertise

Eklinic is the only comprehensive telehealth provider that has applicable and relevant successes in the federal space. As part of the Department of Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2), American Well completed three successful pilot projects in VA hospitals around the country. Learn more in the video.

Ready to learn more?

Eklinic leading-edge healthcare technology platform is a secure, robust solution that makes it easy to deploy telehealth to patients across the globe, whether in traditional care settings or in the field.

  • Hosted on your servers or ours
  • White-labeled to your brand
  • Customized workflows
  • Full BYOD solution
  • Telehealth kiosks available