Who We Are

Eklinic industry-leading HIPAA and PHI-compliant, cloud-based platform helps consumers, health plans, health systems and self-insured employers obtain better, faster care that's more convenient than visiting a doctor's office and far more cost-effective than going to the ER or Urgent Care for routine ailments.

Satisfied Employees = Excellent ROI

  • 99% Employee Satisfaction
  • 99% Patient Issues Resolved
  • 99% Average Call-back Time
  • 99% Would Use It Again
  • 99% Would Recommend

Benefits to You and Your Workforce

Lower Healthcare Costs

Eklinic is a low cost alternative to $100 doctor visits, $150 urgent care visits, and $750 ER visits.


Client Specific ROI

Eklinic provides monthly reports on utilization and productivity savings.


Increase Productivity

Employees no longer have to miss an entire day of work to see a doctor for a routine illness.


Increase Employee Satisfaction

Eklinic makes life easier for your employees and saves them money resulting in a healthier, happier workforce.