Welcome to Eklinic

 It is a great platform that brings care to patients and opportunities to doctors. Embed telehealth into your present iOS and Android app through our mobile SDK. Switch into Eklinic and enjoy a great experience with us.

Schedule your appointments with Eklinic anytime, anywhere

We created this platform to facilitate on-demand health care consultancy to the needy. Virtual health care allows busy bees to visit the doctor once a week for a routine checkup.

Modern Vital Monitoring

 Devices based on modern technology allow doctors to check the patient in real-time virtually. Biometric sensors and diagnostic devices help doctors to monitor pulse rate, blood pressure, and more. Remote instrumentation helps the doctor to deliver convenient virtual care.

Online Video Consultancy

Mobile software development kits make it easier to connect with doctors with a single click. Doctors can easily access patient profiles and connect with them through the mobile app's video call option. Moreover, chat opportunities allow additional communication options.

Configurable Consumer Interface

The user end interface is customizable according to their needs. They can align services, video material, health topics, medical reports, or history according to their own choice. This unique offer is to tailor your specific needs.

Flexible Scheduling

It is straightforward to connect with the patients and the providers due to the flexible scheduling module of Eklinic. You can set your availability time for a scheduled visit and also can go for the “visit now” option as per your demand. In this way, we can manage multiple provider’s calendars for ease.

Waiting Room Option

This option is of great help to the provider or doctors. It allows you to see if someone is looking for you in the queue. It sends you a notification if any patient is waiting for a very long time so that you can respond well to them.

Schedule your appointments with Eklinic anytime, anywhere

Eklinic gives you a feel of comfort because of its user-friendly interface and easy payment collection method. One can easily submit their entry as a patient also as a doctor too.


Every doctor work according to their priorities. Keeping in mind this, Eklinic gives full access to the doctors to align their delivery modules and telehealth experience for their patients.

Newly in Eklinic:

  • Select how a patient can visit you
  • Choose from the information panel what you need to know about the patient before diagnose
  • Control when your patient can connect with you through a video call
  • Use your customized copy, colour and logos accordingly
  • Enable quick visit scheduling tools either on-demand or scheduled visits

Already Enabled Features of Eklinic:

  • End to end encrypted chat options
  • Secure video calling through mobile or web application
  • Routine visits without filters
  • General prescription section with Eklinic logo
  • Send manual medication history to patient


We are working very hard for the people who need care and medication and bringing online medication practices to the next level. Any patient can avail of a full suite diagnose module during his/her visit.

Newly Join Eklinic:

  • Select enrolment options
  • Choose your mode of diagnoses
  • Turn on the self-scheduling feature
  • Customize your user interface
  • Select how a doctor can approach you for medical reports

Already Enabled Features of Eklinic:

  • Receive manual medication history report from the doctor
  • Use auto-align visits from a doctor
  • Secure visit reports and history
  • End to end encrypted chat options
  • Secure video calling through mobile or web application

Take Care of Yourself with Eklinic

Because of the shifting trend from onsite to online, everything is changing rapidly, and life is getting busier. So, Eklinic is playing its role to let people take care of their health through online scheduled or on-demand visits to our specialists. Remote technology allows providers to do a complete exam of their patients. It also helps them to deliver timely and specialized care.

New in Eklinic

  • Telemedicine Carts to bring providers
  • High-tech devices
  • High power automated zoom camera
  • A fully equipped and qualified specialist
  • Telemedicine Equipment- Otoscope, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, dermatoscopy.


Online health care services reduce the burden of making large buildings for patients and equipment. Now only a few departments with fully integrated systems can do this job. It reduces the risk of staying safe from contagious diseases often carried by hospitals and clinics. Telehealth websites and departments at some specific locations are revolutionizing the online-practices.


We carefully integrate our systems with providers and patients for secure and reliable information transfer with electronic marketing reporting systems. We use unique identities as API keys and other web logins to keep data safe and secure. These unique identities allow doctors to get the specific date of their patients on demand.              

On-demand kiosk visits

Kiosks are the care points that offer on-demand health care facilities from a physical point of view. They are of various sizes to accomplish your basic checkup needs. These walk-in clinics are integrated at various locations nationwide.


  • Offers three models; desktop, booth, and console
  • High power automated zoom camera
  • Assimilated biometric and outlying devices
  • No assistant require
  • Touchscreen interface with integrated camera

Enjoy Outstanding Telehealth Technology with Eklinic

Telehealth uses communication and digital information technology through mobile apps, website services, and other remote devices. That is why we remain up to date in terms of technical support and integrated devices. Our all health system is centralized in one place so that we can handle information very well. We are best because we offer:

Verified Staff

Our providers are certified from the medical institutes and verified by the medical boards to carry their practices.

Cooperative Administration

For delivering our best, we have very cooperative administrative staff that keep the flow very smooth.

Medical Insights

We provide real-time data from patient profile to doctor profile so that situation can be tackled on time.

Unlimited Technical support

Everyone at Eklinic can ask about technical support when needed. We respond without any delay.

Electronic Health Report (EHR)

As your doctor uses your EMR regularly, we work with many EMRs supported integration systems.

Cloud Apps

We use cloud-based apps fully compatible with iOS and android to make health monitoring very easy.

Google Map directions

Eklinic also allows doctors to updated pharmacy locations for their patients to bring medicine.

On-time Payments

We have an online payment facility through credit cards that allow on-time transfer of money from patient to doctor.


Are you a doctor?

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