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North Carolina health system Cone Health argues telehealth rapidly becoming table stakes

It's a fact that the pandemic situation has penetrated worrisome sensations in the nerves of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. And why not? It’s one of the most struggling times to see your beloved ones getting ill. And even losing your family member due to the ruthless virus will indeed have dire ramifications on your mental health. Furthermore, financial instabilities, hindrance from the typical Lifestyle have put the main thing into conflict. These are the primary reasons for getting the mental health affected of individuals.

Well! Despite the inclining rate of deaths and people affected with Covid-19, it’s better to keep your mental health safe and sound. We all have encountered new realities of life like temporary unemployment, lack of physical contact with your family, friends, and eradicating exposure to all gatherings. Undoubtedly all these steps are crucial for stopping the spread of the novel Coronavirus, but the negative side of the picture is that it also affects mental health.

Surveys and studies have unrivaled the bitter truth that young people are more vulnerable to mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is explicitly happening because of the pronounced need of young people towards social interactions. 

Looking After the Mental Health While Staying at Home:

Whether staying at home has stopped you from seeing the worthy people in your life, electronic media forums are still available. It's undoubtedly a variant rhythm of life, with a different vision of contacting your loved ones. These include making phone calls, taking credit on site, sending them emails full of emotions, and getting in touch on social media applications. Moreover, setting up a healthy routine incorporating exercise, cooking, book reading, and cleaning your living place will impart a lightening effect on your mental health.  You can also follow yoga and other relaxing therapies while staying at home. Precisely, it's good to keep yourself engaged in productive activities. It will help you to own healthy mental conditions.

All these fruitful strives will keep you away from anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders prevailing during pandemic situations.

Dust-Off Your Shoulders from Invalid and Fake News:

We have come up to the conclusion that rumors and fake news always make the whole situation worse. And specifically, these days, during the Covid-19 pandemic, always try to get information from authentic and valid sources. This information will protect you from the hustle and bustle which various media forums are spreading. Regardless of the census which novel coronavirus is affecting, an open platform of the new channel will also guide you to relate to standard operating procedures.

Overview of Psychiatrist Regarding Mental Health and Isolation:

Many psychiatrists and scientists are conducting an enormous and detailed global study revolving around the destructive impacts of COVID-19 preventive measures- for example abstaining people from social interaction and promoting the social distance regime, mental health stress inclination or reduction, and some population like the mediocre and low-income families of the society have also severely affected due to the financial disturbance. This information could help to inform the response in this pandemic and future one, say, researcher.


North Carolina health system Cone Health argues telehealth rapidly becoming table stakes

We all comprehend that Dementia is a disease in which the memory, thinking ability, and reasoning power of the people's brain got affected. Deprivation of all these capabilities will be a hurdle in the daily routine rituals of people having Dementia. And the course of this disease is not related to the aging process. The main question that arises here is how Dementia has a linking bridge with the eating of processed meat. One of the observational studies has overcome the fact that only 25grams of red meat will increase the relative risk of Dementia by 44%. This study also reveals that consumption of red meat, which is unprocessed, has reduced the risk factors of Dementia.

WHO Statistics:

The global health calibration institute, which is the World Health Organization, has concluded that 50 million people face the ailment of Dementia. They had also furnished this fact that 10 million people have come up with dementia diagnosis. 60% to 70% of the people with Dementia have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  And approximately 5-10% of Dementia has a close association with ischemia which is the compromised blood flow to the brain. All these facts and figures are freshly with-drawn to aware people regarding their red meat intake. It has also on-aired that the Lifestyle and diet made a straightway towards the progressive development of the Dementia. One of the main aspects regarding your Lifestyle is the eating of flavorsome red meat. This observational fact related to your Lifestyle has been declared to influence Dementia by the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Ramifications of Diet, Genetics, And Lifestyle Related to Dementia:

Certainly, genetics, Lifestyle, and diet are key influencing factors in any turning point of your health. These three features also play a pivotal role in causing and eradicating Dementia. The results regarding the prevalence of Dementia and the consumption of Red meat have become public after recruiting a team of volunteers and gathering results from their 24hrs eating regime. Furthermore, the genetic aspect of the volunteer has also been checked. This gene checking leads the scientists to know that whether the volunteers carry the APOE ε4 allele or not. This allele has also been found to increase the risk of Dementia in volunteers.

Processed red meat, including salami, Bacon, sausages, and corned beef consumption, are the core products leading to Dementia. The risk of vascular Dementia and daily intake of red meat has been found to have a directly proportional relation. As far as Lifestyle features have concerned, it has been estimated that people having a consumption rate of 25 grams daily consumption of processed have more chances to develop Dementia in their old ages. On the other side, the relative risk of Dementia is low in people with un-processed meat consumption.


North Carolina health system Cone Health argues telehealth rapidly becoming table stakes

Center for disease control and prevention has made it clear that people with complete vaccination of COVID-19 can attend Easter without a mask. The meritorious event of Easter always has a welcoming event for all the family and friends. And during these pandemic situations, attending this event without a mask has been the dream of every person. The only mild condition which you have to follow is to have two shots of COVID-19 injection.

CDC Protocols Regarding the Sops to Abstain COVID-19 Spread:

CDC recently declared this news on April 1; hence the people who haven't vaccinated are good to get themselves registered on priority. And the non-vaccinated person till Easter has advised taking a break from traveling, avoiding the gathering, and trying to attend the Easter virtually.

Vaccination is the core tool in beating the novel coronavirus in today’s situation. And non-vaccinated persons have been advised to wear face masks and maintain 6 feet from other people. Moreover, also ensures the usage of hand sanitizers.

This news must sound like a rhyme for all the people tired of wearing the face mask and deliberately missing the gatherings. But unfortunately, anyone in your close vicinity who will attend your Easter party who hasn't got the vaccination should avoid this get-together as non-vaccinated people will be the potent carrier of the novel Corona Virus. 

In Twitter posts, CDC has provided all the information regarding the Easter festival. Everyone who has completed the course of COVID-19 vaccination will celebrate Easter with his/her roommate, either outdoor or indoor. But it is also the condition to maintain the 6 feet distance.   

The CDC has linked its Holiday Tips guide, which was last updated on March 18, to provide more advice on safe ways to look at holidays with others during the epidemic. The manual offered similar advice at holiday gatherings throughout the epidemic, such as avoiding crowds, staying away from the community for others outside the family, and wearing face masks.

"Celebrating with almost or with your roommates is the safest way to go," writes the CDC. "When you meet people, who do not live with you, gatherings and activities outside are more secure than internal meetings."

The CDC also suggested talking to others ahead of time to understand the celebration's expectations, bringing food and dishes, and limiting visitors' number if possible. Besides, tourists should offer single-use options, such as dressing salads and condiment packs, having extra guest masks, and bringing fresh air by opening windows and doors.

"Drive or surround your community to roam the neighborhood from afar," the CDC wrote. “Take food or gifts to your family, friends, and neighbors in a way that does not involve communication, such as leaving the door open.

As we all know that, without health and life, all the celebrations are futile and useless. Hence, to have an enjoyable and contented life, it is appropriate to have good health. It's better to get yourself prevented from the destructive impacts of the CORONA virus in this pandemic situation, to follow the SOPs until the pandemic has finished throughout the world. 

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