Health Plans

 EKLINIC initiate the whole process of health plan with our worthy customers' desire as it revolves around the health aspects of each concerning person. The primary health plans include health insurance, which incorporates various health insurance for your health plan. EKLINIC works on your health plan along with side designing of the scaled, customized online health solutions. We have also striven to reduce the risks of the online fraudulent act and assist you with affordable costs. The major enlistment of health plans regarding your insurance plan is our priority. Follow up doctor appointment has become smooth way for clients to follow. 

EKLINIC offers you various health plan categories like the dental Health plan, medicare Health plans, and supplement Health plan.


Dental health plans are composed with such convenience that you can make yourself and your loved one smile with no worries. The objective of this plan is to provide you with golden facilities regarding your dental health. Online pain doctor consultation referring to dental pain is accessible to you through EKLINIC.


Furthermore, the Medicare health plan is also feasible for online consultation of competent and professional doctors. The vision behind this Medicare health plan is to assist you with preventive prudence. Our worthy customers have to pay a reasonable amount for encompassing the whole procedure of Medicare checkups. It includes general physicians, Obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatricians and many probing services. All these services in Medicare health plans with no deductibles and co-pays.


The supplementary health plan is the best alternative for your health queries. Here the provision of supplementary medical consults has assured us to furnish the best health regime to our clients. It encompasses the section of psychiatrists, colorectal surgery, Physiotherapists and all supplementary services required to flourish your health with a new domain and dimension.

Health Systems

The system of health developed by our IT team is so mechanized and accessible that you can easily access your desired medical consultation in no time. The mobile and productive services encompass security perspectives along with video, voice consultation on your gadget.

Expand Your Enterprise

  • Generate revenue
  • Reduce enterprise healthcare costs
  • Increase rural access and community outreach
  • Enhance care coordination and readiness for accountable care through remote monitoring

Increase Brand Recognition and Reach

Eklinic partners with health systems to help them reach every potential patient in their region. Not only does virtual care allow you treat patients remotely, it improves care by making it easier to monitor patients, follow up and administer preventive treatment. Our partners include:


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