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The vast network of medical consults encircles the demanding vicinity of clients, whether it's educational institutions, local or state government buildings, or any government training institute's prison system. Our telehealth services will accompany you with an extensive network to consult a doctor and remarkable services.


GOOD Health with No Geographical Boundaries

The central perspective of every government is to assure the provision of health facilities and medical consultation to its population. Fortunately, EKLINIC has proven to be one of the most fastening telehealth forums for the issuance of health facilities. The authentic feature regarding the telehealth services of EKLINIC is that it has come up in the health industry, intending to make the health services easier to utilize.

Approaching Forums

  • All the concerned customers or government officials can access us through any gadget or electronic media forum. These includes:
  • Website
  • Smartphones
  • Electronic Gadgets, including laptops, tablets, telephone, or any device application, will lead you to full access.
  • Kiosk- this is the unique system developed for comfortable withdrawal, deposit, and easy banking. You’re all queries like how much does a doctor visit costs? Will be answered here in this calculation system.

Security Perspective

  • A solid and accessible complaint system is meeting the government standards.
  • No chance of data breaching
  • To Book a doctor, all the information required will be in safe hands with no hacking and monopoly.
  • The confidential information of each consulting person will be on a secure site.
  • An extensive network of servers holding each coming data regarding the reviews and complaints will facilitate you in each aspect.
  • The PCI compliant system.

Advance technology with leading-edge

We have come with advance yet innovative ideas of medical assistance, and we are here with mesmerizing technologies of the Medical profession. The main thing which will leave you with trustworthy services and dimensions of the medical practitioners is fantastic access to the health professionals. People with either android or iOS systems can access the whole system in no time and approach effective services. Doctor’s appointment has co-related with leading edge medical services.

Video and phone connectivity

Patients call the toll-free number, and a specially trained representative will connect with a provider of their choice, either by telephone or video. If the patient chooses to join using the phone only, the doctor still uses the Eklinic platform. This service ensures that during the visit, the doctor will fully access the patient's medical summary and take detailed clinical notes. Hence, making a doctor appointment has become the easiest way for you while the EKILINC service.

kiosk technology

 Eklinic has created a complete range of telehealth stores with integrated diagnostic devices connected to the same service network. All kiosks include integrated diagnostic devices, ID readers, and a simple, touch-screen patient experience. Kiosks can be placed in remote areas to ensure access to care. Medical consults will become convenient with this innovative feature.

Tablet with phones

 Providers no longer need to walk between exam rooms or install expensive equipment to do peer consultation. The Tele tablet offers the full functionality required for live transactions, and the required integration between all providers, including professionals, in your business. Search results using the •Emergency care

• Home health management and chronic care

• Reduced learning

• Prompt clinical consultation with a specialist

• After-hours services

• Access to rural areas

workflows currently available

  • Urgent care
  • Home health and chronic care management
  • Readmission reduction
  • Instant clinical consults by a specialists
  • After-hours services
  • Outreach to rural areas

How can you use telehealth?

Federal organizations can utilize telehealth services using various providers, including primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, health care managers, pharmacists, health coaches, ethics therapists, and others. Besides, we have worked with partners to create clear, purposeful use cases to integrate telehealth into their priorities, programs, and plans.

We have proven reliable technology

Eklinic is the only full-fledged telehealth service provider with effective, efficient, and relevant government space. As part of the Department of legal affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2), Eklinic has completed three successful pilot projects at VA hospitals across the country. Urgent consult with Eklinic has dispensed to you with telehealth access.


Ready to learn more?

Eklinic leading-edge healthcare technology platform is a secure, robust solution that makes it easy to deploy telehealth to patients across the globe, whether in traditional care settings or in the field.

  • Hosted on your servers or ours
  • White-labeled to your brand
  • Customized workflows
  • Full BYOD solution
  • Telehealth kiosks available

Are you a doctor?

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